Digitalised Economy and Beyond

G20/OECD The Digitalised Economy And Beyond Update

G20/OECD The Digitalised Economy And Beyond Update
Tuesday 22 October, 13.00 BST/14.00 CEST
Host: Alison Lobb
Presenters: Bob Stack, Ignacio Box

The G20/OECD Inclusive Framework on BEPS continues to develop the technical aspects of proposals, including a unified approach on the allocation of taxing rights between countries. We’ll discuss:

  • Nexus rules
  • Profit allocation rules
  • Next steps

The fundamental nature of the proposed reforms will, if agreed, have a broad and significant impact. All businesses, not just those that are highly digitalised, will need to understand how the proposals could affect them. Countries are working towards reaching a consensus-based solution by 2020. What might these changes mean for your organisation?


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