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IR35 Reform

IR35 Reform (now part of EMEA Dbriefs webcast series)
Monday 24 February, 10.00 GMT/11.00 CET
Host: Mark Groom
Presenters: James Warwick, Lesley Sadler

The proposed reform to the taxation of Personal Service Company (PSCs) in the private sector - known as IR35 - is due to be implemented from 6 April 2020. On 8 January the Government announced a review focused on how to ease implementation. Any doubt surrounding the intention to proceed with the reform on 6 April this year has receded further. With little more than two months to the start of a new regime we are running a series of webinars to help both those in the final throes of preparation and those who have started late and need to accelerate their readiness. This second session will report back on the outcome of the Government’s review which is due to be published by mid-February and will cover:

  • Explanation of the review outcomes
  • Legislation – timing and an analysis of key changes to legislative provisions and what to do about them
  • On-going challenges and practical difficulties, e.g. running a payroll for any contractors engaged directly
  • Final actions to take pre-6 April
  • Looking ahead – BAU post 6 April; sharing experience from the Public Sector

The first webcast took place on 30 January and focused on readiness. It was not part of the Dbriefs programme but you can view it here.


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