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Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme - Grant Claims, Scheme Wind Down And Un-furloughing

Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme - Grant Claims, Scheme Wind Down And Un-furloughing
Tuesday 12 May, 11:00 BST/12:00 CEST
Host: James Warwick
Presenters: Michael Nicolaides, Andrew Lilley

Over 800,000 claims have been made under the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) since the claims portal opened on Monday 20 April to 3 May 2020, and many employers have already received their first grant. Time pressure and the lack of detailed HMRC guidance has meant that many employers have been required to form their own positions on certain complexities relating to the CJRS. The CJRS is also currently due to end (without further government extensions) on 30 June and employers may be turning their attention to considerations post its closure including un-furloughing employees. What should your organisation be thinking about in advance of submitting further grant claims and the cessation of the CJRS? In this third webcast looking at the topic we’ll discuss:

CJRS Grant Claims: Calculating And Validating, Handling Complexities And Retaining Evidence

  • Lessons learned from initial claim calculations and submissions
  • Calculation complexities such as salary sacrifice
  • A series of worked calculation examples
  • Dealing with under, and over claims
  • Requirements to retain supporting evidence in the event of future challenges

CJRS wind down and un-furloughing

  • Un-furloughing employees
  • Options for an alternative, self-funded scheme post cessation of the CJRS
  • Workforce restructuring and redundancies

Join us if your business has considered, or is already, furloughing.

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