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Corporation Tax Loss Reform In The UK

Corporation Tax Loss Reform In The UK

2 March 2017, 12.00 GMT/13.00 CET
Host: Jim Charlton
Presenters: Nick Bell, Carol Atha

Draft legislation setting out the new UK rules for corporation tax losses has now been released. There will be greater flexibility in the use of brought-forward losses but also restrictions to the amount of profits that brought-forward losses can be set against (subject to a group-wide £5 million annual de-minimis). The rules are due to commence from 1 April 2017 and time is short for groups to assess their likely position, especially bearing in mind the introduction of the new interest restriction rules at the same time. How might these issues affect your organisation?

We'll discuss:

  • An overview of how the rules will work.
  • Areas of particular complexity.
  • What organisations should be considering now.
  • Anticipated behavioural changes.

Learn more about how these wide-ranging rules will operate.

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