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The Public Sector Impact Of Employment Tax Changes

The Public Sector Impact Of Employment Tax Changes

15 March 2017, 12.00 GMT/13.00 CET
Host: Rhys Cartledge
Presenters: Tom Smith, Tim Waterhouse

Three major employment tax changes are due to come into effect in April 2017. The changes to the use of Personal Service Companies (PSCs) in the public sector, changes to the taxation of benefits and the introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy are likely to result in increased costs and additional administration obligations. What could these changes mean for your organisation?

We'll summarise:

  • An overview of these changes and how they could impact organisations.
  • Key questions for organisations to consider.
  • Key steps to take to prepare for the introduction of these.
  • The interaction of these three areas.

Find out more about these changes to allow you to assess the impact they will have on your organisation.

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