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HMRC’s New Business Risk Review Approach

HMRC’s New Business Risk Review Approach

29 November 2018, 12.00 GMT/13.00 CET
Host: Mark Kennedy
Presenters: Tim Hayle, HMRC guest speakers

HMRC is piloting a new Business Risk Review ‘BRR’ approach prior to its launch in 2019. The BRR is fundamental to HMRC’s interaction with large business, helping influence taxpayer behaviour and focus their resource. For taxpayers it is an opportunity to establish trust around day-to-day governance and processes and focus the conversation on key areas of uncertainty. On this webcast we’ll be joined by HMRC’s Policy Team to discuss:

  • What is new about the pilot approach.
  • A Q&A around practicalities and common concerns.
  • How we see the UK approach fitting within a global view of good practice.

Discover what businesses can do now to prepare.

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