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Pricing And Economics: Solutions To Tricky Transfer Pricing

Pricing And Economics: Solutions To Tricky Transfer Pricing

22 January 2019, 12.00 GMT/13.00 CET
Host: Sophie Brown
Presenters: Aengus Barry, Ishan Maini

Estimating an arm’s length price robustly for complex transactions is often challenging – there are rarely perfect and readily available comparables, so it becomes necessary to model how prices would have been set between independent parties. What innovative approaches could your organisation utilise to go beyond the ‘standard’ for the purposes of enhanced transfer pricing planning, documentation and defence? We’ll discuss:

  • The benefits of thinking outside the box to improve comparability.
  • Applied examples including:
    - Adjustments to reflect differences in risk.
    - Profit split analysis (in the context of the latest OECD guidance), where the nature of the contributions of the parties is different.
    - Alternative approaches to traditional royalty CUT benchmarking.

Learn what this could mean for your transfer pricing approach.

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