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HMRC’s New Business Risk Review Approach - BRR+

HMRC’s New Business Risk Review Approach - BRR+

2 October 2019, 12.00 BST
Host: Mark Kennedy
Presenters: Tim Hayle and a guest HMRC speaker

HMRC have now released their revised Business Risk Review (BRR) methodology, ‘BRR+’ which will be applied from 1 October 2019. The outcome of a BRR will determine the nature and extent of HMRC scrutiny for affected businesses across all UK taxes. Whilst it is intended to formalise existing expectations, for many businesses it will feel like a more prescriptive and demanding approach. What does your business need to know now?

We'll discuss:

  • Key features of the new methodology
  • A Q&A on how it will be applied in practice
  • How to approach a BRR under BRR+

Discover the implications of BRR+ for large business.

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